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Kiss Yoga Seasonal Programs deliver efficient and effective yoga instruction to support the busy mums and professionals on the Northern Beaches.

Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan

Keeping yoga
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Spring Yoga Programs Booking Now

Who wants a neck and shoulder massage all the time? Spring yoga focuses on melting neck and shoulder tension – book your mat now, space is limited.


New to yoga? Try 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for the price of a casual class – $28

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More than a general yoga class, at Kiss Yoga you can request to have your health goals included in the class format. Plus, there’s no sweating, no need to change your clothes after wards. Real results, really quickly, minimum fuss.

The Spring Program includes:

  • A gentle detox for your liver
  • More mobility to your joints and fascia
  • Weight loss with improved digestion
  • Soothe tired eyes
  • Ease tension headaches

You will ALSO learn simple massage techniques that you can take home to your families – decreasing stress in your household, for all ages, in a matter of seconds!

Spring Yoga Programs

10 week programs – starting 14th October 2019 (term 4 of school year)

1 x class p/week $25 ($250 investment)
(Lunchbox Yoga programs $20 p/class or $30 p/class with take away lunch)

All classes are 1 hour except lunchbox yoga which is 45 minutes.

Core Strength & Digestion Mondays 9:30am
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Strength & Mobility Tuesdays 6:15am
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Lunchbox Yoga Tuesdays 12:15pm
Back Health & Yin Yoga Wednesdays 6:30pm
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Strength & Mobility Thursdays 6:15am
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Core Strength & Digestion Thursdays 9:30am
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Lunchbox Yoga Thursdays 12:15pm

At Kiss Yoga you will feel your mood change within a few moves. It is the most efficient use of time on a yoga mat. No sweating, no need to change your clothes or have a shower afterwards – real results, really quickly for busy people.

More Info about Kiss Yoga Programs

Keeping Instruction Simple & Specific

Every instruction for every movement at Kiss Yoga is:

  • Simple and easy to understand, instruction is repeated to build the mind-body connection.
  • Specific in the isolation of muscle groups to gain a specific result, for example activation of gluteal muscles (glutes, buttocks) for lower back stability and knee and hip care, which results in more willpower and peace of mind.
  • Specific to the season, the time of day, the organ system(s) and the stress symptoms we are working on.
  • Specific in healing stress symptoms by linking them to and healing the underlying root cause within the organ systems.

The Kiss Yoga Style Kiss Yoga Programs

I always feel balanced and refreshed after yoga with Lisa. She understands how to work with each of us, depending on how we’re feeling. Lisa has shown me how even small movements and adjustments can make a big difference.

Jules, Mum, Social researcher

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