About Lisa

Keeping yoga
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Lisa’s History

Lisa’s mum took her to her first yoga class in 1991, and on some level Lisa’s teenage angsty brain computed that peace could be had very simply.

Then her life took many detours ranging from a brief career in corporate fashion to extensive travel through South America and India.

Lisa has taught yoga full-time since 2005

2005 – 2009 were the years of Zen Shiatsu massage and Ryoho Yoga Therapy in studios, homes and corporations all over the Northern Beaches, suburbs and CBD.

In 2010 Lisa qualified and worked briefly as an acupuncturist until she had her son in 2013.


Becoming a Mum dramatically changed Lisa’s approach to yoga – her compassion for the time-poor became an obsession!

Further training

Lisa decided to re-train with Janie Larmour of Zen Ki Yoga in 2017 to further optimise her instruction in order to boost the unique healing benefits of the meridians and acu-points.

Corporate Yoga

Lisa has also worked extensively in corporate yoga since 2006. She has retained clients for well over a decade in the CBD – she is an expert at providing mental, emotional and physical support to professionals in relation to workplace stress. Lisa has initiated 100’s first time yoga participants into a lifetime practice of self-management with yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Pacha Yoga

In 2016, in partnership with dear friend Sammi Hillier, Lisa opened a local studio in Dee Why called Pacha Yoga so that a local business could be built, in order to be close to the children’s schools.

Kiss Yoga!

Then in 2019 the Dee Why studio rebranded and evolved into Kiss Yoga, where Lisa designs and delivers seasonally specific 10 week programmes which offer simple yet effective health strategies that support the local community.

Lisa’s Self Practice

Lisa’s approach to yoga is solid in her own personal practices which involve yoga, transcendental meditation (TM), regular fasting, EFT, HIIT and essential oils.

Lisa worked in the dispensary at Australian Bush Flower Essences from 2006 – 2009, has used vibrational based medicine, and is a big believer in food as medicine – it’s not what you eat but what you actually digest.

Lisa is constantly exploring and blending the ancient wisdom of China, India and Japan with the newest science. She experiments with what yields the best results, constantly bridging the gap between western medicine and eastern disciplines. Just ask her about her love of doing squats and Dormant Butt Syndrome!

This mix of discipline and curiosity about how the body-mind works is the reason Lisa can effectively:

  • Introduce you to beginner’s yoga.
  • Enhance and optimise your current training.
  • Support your injury recovery.
  • Help you heal stress imbalances throughout the body (weight loss, bad backs, anxiety, gut health, immunity, adrenal fatigue and autoimmune disorders).