“I love Lisa’s online classes, she is down to earth and fun. Kiss Yoga is great for people new to yoga as the moves are broken down. Kiss Yoga is also a good style of yoga to practise with the kids around.

Tara Mandala Living

“Great instruction, same great tailored classes catering for time-of-day, participant needs and seasonal focus. During these challenging times its a lifesaver to be able to continue yoga and to hear Lisa’s reassuring voice.


I absolutely loved joining Kiss Yoga online. So nice to feel connection in this crazy time. Classes are simple to understand and the style of yoga made me feel grounded and calm for the rest of my day. Cannot recommend this enough. Lisa’s fun bright spirit is sure to bring some joy to your day.


“Lisa skilfully guides you to cultivate calm joy, power, vitality through her online classes. Self care will sustain us at this time, so I’m truly grateful to be able to keep up my yoga practice with Lisa at home.


“Lisa is a highly gifted yoga teacher with an extraordinary level of expertise and skill. Lisa thoughtfully tailors each class to meet the needs of participants – whether this is through differentiation of the level of difficulty and sophistication of yoga poses or responsiveness to participants’ various constraints (such as tightness in muscles) or even temporary injuries.

Lisa’s classes are infused with insights into the practice of yoga, the history, function and purpose/benefits of various poses. Lisa leads the class with a lovely blend of grace and good humour and creates a safe and supportive collegial atmosphere.

Lisa leads by example and clearly demonstrates each pose herself and through additional verbal explanation. Lisa is an excellent communicator, a passionate advocate and practitioner of yoga and wellness and warm, caring and engaging person. I cannot recommend her classes more highly!”

Anne, Pymble NSW

“I always feel balanced and refreshed after yoga with Lisa. She understands how to work with each of us, depending on how we’re feeling. Lisa has shown me how even small movements and adjustments can make a big difference.”

Jules, Mum, Social researcher

“As a trail runner I find Meridian yoga brings some balance to a busy training schedule. I walk away from class feeling a sense of strength and openness in areas that are often tight. It has improved my core strength and my lower back issues have gone. The small class size allows for personalised instruction with adjustments made to suit what is happening with your body on the day.”

Jodie, Mum, School Teacher

“Lisa has instructed me in meridian yoga for over 10yrs, the last 2yrs at Pacha Yoga. I love her enthusiastic approach to our yoga practice. She is constantly retraining and sharing her insights with us. Her teaching is safe, supportive and fun.

Other than feeling fantastic from my yoga practice I have found that I manage stress in my life so much better. This has been especially helpful during those menopausal years.”


“As a stressed senior executive in the financial services sector, Lisa introduced me and many of my colleagues at UBS in Sydney to the wonders of corporate yoga back in 2008. Our corporate yoga program with Lisa has run continuously for over 11 years. Lisa is a highly experienced, passionate and capable instructor. Each week, I looked forward to my yoga “fix” with Lisa. I can vouch for the many benefits that come from practicing yoga from a physical and mental wellbeing perspective. I can highly recommend Lisa’s classes”


“The advantage of doing this yoga class – even if it’s just once a week – is that it gives you the opportunity to ‘undo’ the damage caused by sitting at a desk for hours on end. The classes Lisa provides are tailored to a corporate lifestyle, targeting common sources of tension such as lower back, shoulders and necks. She also provides you the tools you need to be able to identify ways to help manage niggling pains throughout the week until the next class. You don’t have to worry about missing a class if you have an injury to manage – Lisa will provide alternative movements to avoid further damaging an injury.

Having worked overseas and not been able to find a replacement yoga class, I immediately noticed the difference in tension in my neck/shoulders from not doing this class once a week. Considering it’s one hour relative to the 40 hours most of us spend at a desk, it’s a great return on investment for yourself based on the results you can see relative to the time committed.”

Belinda, Lawyer

“For the last 7 years I have being trying hard to do yoga once a week with Lisa Shea. The discipline has been a cornerstone for each week for me. If I can’t make a class, I really miss the energy and peace I get. Lisa helps me breathe properly, sit and stand with correct posture and importantly helps me laugh. She rocks!”